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  • Um produto educacional para o letramento probabilístico 

    Almagro, Ricardo Campanha (Universidade Federal de São Carlos, UFSCar, , Câmpus Sorocaba, 19/12/2020)
    The educational product consists of a set of tasks based on the theoretical references of the probabilistic literacy model proposed by Iddo Gal and the records of semiotic representation by Raymond Duval. The aim of the ...
  • Ensino de porcentagem no 5º ano do Ensino Fundamental: como avaliar? 

    Almeida, José Reis de (Universidade Federal de São Carlos, UFSCar, , Câmpus Sorocaba, 16/12/2020)
    The proposal of this work was to analyze the difficulties of 5th grade teachers to teach percentage and to propose strategies to evaluate this subject. For this purpose, the guidelines of the Common National Curricular ...